The Disconnect of Memory

New research at the Riken-MIT Center for Neural Circuit Genetics suggests that two copies of a single memory are made at once. One as short-term usage, the other as a form of long-term storage. It is proposed that if the short and long-term versions do no liaise, the memory will not last.

I am fascinated by how these forms meet each other, their interaction. The connection or disconnection is what I am interested in; in the same way that magnets either attract or repel each other. It is within the interplay where the importance lays.


What remains is where forms meet.



RG Mugabe Way, Uncensored: A New Way To Look At Dust


“He has built. When he is dead, his hands will remain everywhere.”

This from Zimbabwean author Yvonne Vera’s novel, ‘Butterfly Burning’ shifted my enquiry into memory’s dubious relationship with photography to that of the instilled memory of a building or structure, and in this case; a carcass of a business or home - a life. Along R G Mugabe Way, I collected these remnants of lost hopes: broken bricks, cracked windows, blistered mortar - the dust of 37 years of sledgehammer rule that was Mugabe.

With a tight grip on media and photography in particular, I feel it necessary to present these vestiges in a way that reflects this veil. With an emphasis on photographic elements I have created a “cinema” for the viewing of these found memories. The only true “photographs” of Mugabe’s reign. 

The relevance of scaffolding, is that of building a new future together whilst portraying the past in full transparency. Displaying these pieces as a kind of museum - a foundation of learning. 

This work is intended to portray an alternative way, to photography, of remembering and with this, a stronger way forward. We must remember as we build, our hands will remain everywhere.