Bad Soil


There is an organic quality found in what I call my fixograms, a womb, a gestation, a seed in this soil. It is the individual in respect to a society, one that has been forced to adopt another society's ideologies and the outcome of this on the individual, and therefore their future society.

Our individuality is based on and influenced by society but a society cannot be without the input of the individual. Societies' flaws are changed by the individual idea. These changes are constantly tweaked by new individuals' "add-on" ideas creating the locomotion for improvements in society at a pace where the changes can be tolerated. With this in mind I posed myself the question: what are the consequences of a drastically different society's ideas, morals, rules, etiquette and cultures being inorganically forced onto or adopted by a society with its own existing organically grown ideologies?




Allegories of Place

A selection of old work