Neville Starling

Neville Starling is a self-taught artist, born 1988 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe where he maintains his full-time darkroom and studio. Motivated by his father’s windows of changed personality due to Alzheimer’s disease, Starling deconstructs time’s relationship with memory both individually and collectively. He examines notions of change, the connection between future thinking and our learning faculty, the processes of forced and chosen memories, as well as the interplay of reality and perception with memory, and how these are interwoven within the continuum of identity.

From concept specific material, structures, and mediums, Starling creates immersive, interactive, and what he calls “separative”installations and pieces. His chosen material ranges from pieces of land in various forms from single grains of sand to express the eventuality of time, to painting rocks white in order to turn them from an object into the subjectivity of the viewer through memory activation. Starling also applies found, unhistoricised negatives, slides, plates and films to his work – intact or not. As well as this, he uses alternative and antiquated photographic techniques, chemistry and equipment to stage, and therefore question timeframes. As a time-bridge, Starling often creates continuative narratives through the use of building material and equipment.

Starling constructs environments and concepts in which the guest is able to introspectively decipher the self from what has formed it, as well as how much of the self informs how external content is further perceived.



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58th Venice Biennale, 2019

May You Live In Interesting Times, Ralph Rugoff

Soko Risina Musoro

Zimbabwean Pavilion, curated by Raphael Chikukwa

Solo Exhibitions


Rest Until

The Corridor Gallery. Harare, Zimbabwe. Curated by Helen Teede

Rest Until

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Curated by Clifford Zulu


Group Exhibition


PPC Imaginarium Inaugural Awards Zimbabwe

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Harare, Zimbabwe. Curated by Raphael Chikukwa 

Highly commended

Lost and Found: Expectations, Uncertainty, Excitement and Hope

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Harare/Mutare/Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Curated by Raphael Chikukwa


The Burning Question

Yebo! Art and Design. Ezulwini Valley, Swaziland. Curated by Aletta Armstrong


2nd Zimbabwe Annual Independence Exhibition: Memorialization

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Curated by Clifford Zulu

V.A.A.B. Group Exhibition

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe. Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Curated by Clifford Zulu